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You may be surprised at the depth of positive change which can happen in your life in a short period of time. Cedar Grove takes the company ideals of integrity, honesty, and respect into the treatment process, and as a result our patients have found something unexpected...

"The professionals at Cedar Grove have given me my life back."

Individualized Treatment Planning

The customer is again at the center. From our first contact to our last, planning will focus on your needs. We utilize both group and individual counseling to facilitate the treatment process. Using a whole person model, staff are trained to help patients with a range of problems which can undermine recovery from addictive disease, including dealing with emotions, diet, exercise, finances, and relationships.

"The treatment I received at Cedar Grove made me feel like a person, not a number."

"Cedar Grove taught me a lot about my own disease, and they did it with compassion and integrity."

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